Facebook Posting Strategy for REALTORS®

Figuring out what you should promote and how often you should promote it is a delicate balance…REALTORS® know too well that there is no set formula for success in this industry, so why should Social Media be any easier?

One fact that we all can agree on is that without some sort of strategy, we won’t accomplish much:

Five Tips for Your Social Media Plan

  • Short posts are easier to read. People scanning through their feed are more likely to read your message if it doesn’t seem daunting. If you really want your information out there, keep it brief.
  • Three out of four posts should be unrelated to business (assuming you use your personal page to promote Real Estate). In an industry where your personal connections are often your professional connections, balance is a key ingredient to keeping your audience.
  • Try to post four days a week. If you post too frequently, people will tune out. If you aren’t keeping a steady presence, you’ll get lost in the shuffle.
  • For best results, post when people are not at work. Remember, your posts have a shelf life. According to this article  the magic posting- time is between 8pm and 7am.
  • Post conversational topics to other peoples walls. When you post to someone’s wall, all their friends see it. This sort of organic interaction fosters your serious need to meet new potential clients.

What works for some does not work for others, so find your happy medium. Need help figuring out what to post to cultivate your unique brand? Read this extremely helpful article.

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