News You Can Use: April

Each month, OCAR brings you news headlines highlighting the bright spots in today’s real estate market.

Asking Prices May Presage Turnaround, Report Says

Wall Street Journal
April 5, 2012
According to research conducted by Trulia, asking prices for homes on the market climbed 1.4% nationally in the first quarter as compared to the previous quarter.

Why We Bought a Home
Wall Street Journal
March 27, 2012
One buyer describes the perks of her family’s decision to purchase a home now—a good location with nearby amenities, a reasonable down payment, and writing a mortgage payment check that’s equal to her former rent.

Real Estate: When High Rents Are a ‘Buy’ Signal
March 13, 2012
Article highlight: “Some real estate economists say that when home prices are 15 times annual rents or lower, it makes more sense to buy than to rent. That’s now the case in about three-quarters of American cities.”

Housing Bulls Aren’t So Far Out on a Limb
Wall Street Journal
March 13, 2012
Home builders are eyeing a housing recovery and increased home sales for the future.

Hispanic Homebuyer Mega Market Is Emerging
March 12, 2012
According to a new study released by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), many economic and social indicators suggest that Hispanics will soon become a major force in the home buying market.

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