Three Ways to Reduce Spam

No one likes an inbox cluttered with spam, and if you’re a REALTOR®, it’s even more frustrating when these  emails arrive from vendors or other agents soliciting you for their real estate-related product, service, or even a listing.   How did they get your email, you wonder? Regardless of how it happened, you have your email listed on your website, you filled out some form way back when, etc.– it’s out there no matter how well you’ve tried protect it.  And  contrary to popular belief among many agents, it’s not illegal for them to send you these messages (if they repeatedly send you messages after you’ve formally opted-out, that’s another story).

Before we get to the tips, here’s some spam you might like:

Here you go:

  • If you use Outlook, free spam protection is available through SPAMfighter.
  • When filling out a web-from, be sure to carefully read the opt-in / opt-out notice when entering your email address.  These can be tricky, especially when they require you to mark the checkboxes to opt-out instead of the reverse.  Maybe this is an obvious tip, but it’s often the culprit.
  • If you use a free email service, opt for a Gmail account.  Several years ago Google acquired a company called Postini, which specialized in web and email security.  Postini’s email-intelligence is integrated into the Gmail platform, and in short, it does a better job filtering out junk mail than its rivals.
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